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Moving Tips

Make a list

Moving is a stressful Job and the last thing we want to do is overwhelm you on the big day, so prep room by room and make a list of supplies you made need and email us all your questions and information to help make your move go as quickly and safe as possible.  

Have plenty of supplies

Getting the right supplies is critical in making your move go as smooth as possible.  We can help supply boxes, packing paper, wrapping supplies such as bubble wrap and shrink wrap.  We will provide all supplies that will guarantee the care of all your contents and help the protect the things that matter most.  

Pianos, Safes, Jacuzzis, Built-In-Furniture

We ask our fellow costumers to plan ahead and please subcontract moving any large custom safes, pianos, jacuzzis or any large items that require second liability insurance.  We do not want to be held responsible in the moving some of these certain items.  We highly prefer the hiring of specific trained experts for these specific items that need specific tuning, disconnecting, and handling.  Siren Moving Company would love to help assist in finding you the best priced professionals if you have any questions.  
Jewelry, Expensive Artwork, Money, FireArms 
We ask you to please handle these item's above for the liability of our service's.  We would like you to handle excessive amount of jewelry to help avoid the risk of damaging or misplacing anything worth of value.  We handle art work and will be more than happy to help pack and wrap any expensive artwork and place in the safety of your vehicle to avoid any excessive heat in our vehicles or placing valuable artwork next to big heavy furniture.  Siren Moving Company always ask costumers to handle all currrency to avoid misplacing or losing of these items.  We are trained professional and like to avoid anything that is valuable to the homeowner and prefer it to be in the saftey of the homeowner hands, we guarantee the saftey and protection of all your items and would like to make clear of what we would like you to handle.  Thanks   
Color coordinate

"Help us help you" is a well know motto in the moving business.  The smarter we work the faster we get you to your new home or place of business!  Time is extremely important and anything helps in avoiding causing stress to you and your family.  Color coordinating rooms goes a long way and we can help with printing tags and labels to help avoid the common moving question homeowners/ business owners have to deal with "where does this go?"



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