Siren Moving Packages

  Moving Package 1                       Moving Package 2                             Moving Package 3 

              2 Professional Movers                                            3 Professional Movers                                                     4 Professional Movers

                  24' Moving Truck                                 24' Moving Truck + 16'-26' Moving Truck                    24' Moving Truck + 26' Moving Truck

        Square Footage Ranging                                         Square Footage Ranging                                             Square Footage Ranging 

                300-1500 Sq. Feet                                                      1600-3200 Sq. Feet                                                          +3500 Sq. Feet 

$95/Hr. + $100 Trip Charge                                      $105/Hr. + $200-$250 Trip Charge                $120/Hr. +$200-$250 Trip Charge                                           


Charges and Fee: 


-Trip Charge fee of $100.00 covers travel time from our shop to your location and then to your final destintion.

             Note:  A additional Fee will be added if this includes multiple or additional locations for pick-ups, such as storage unit and other          residence. 


-Hourly Rate of $95-$125 dollars depending on what package is needed is based on a hourly rate and time                    starts as soon as we arrive at location or scheduled time.  


-Packages include all the supplies we need to complete your move with NO EXTRA CHARGE, that includes: 


              -Dollies (6 wheel, 4 wheel, 2 wheel , & appliance dolly's )

              -Moving Blankets  (40-90 blankets)

              - Packing Tape if needed , Shrink wrap for wrapping dressers, couches, or small items.  


-Stairs Fee:   Siren Moving Company Charges a $25 dollar flat stair fee  for every location (Moving location and                   Destination) your contents are being moved.  Extra percautions are taken when dealing with stairs                     and we care for the safety of your home and contents when dealing with stairs.    


-Written Free Estimates are sent via-email.  Free estimates are available when you provide the following information:  


       -First and Last Name of customer  

       -Address or city of your home is located and size of your home 

       -Destination in where you're trying to relocate 

       -Date and time of your move 

       -Brief and detailed description of what you are wanting to move

       -email information 


-Siren Deposit Fees:  Siren Requires a Deposit fee of $100 dollars to be paid once Owner/Customer has agreed          with the emailed estimate.  Deposit is 100% refundable if move is rescheduled or moved for a earlier or                later time.  Deposit goes 100% towards the final cost of your move. 


***Note: Deposit is non refundable within 2 days of your move or 48 hrs.  If move is canceled indefinitely,                                  arrangements can be made to refund the full amount.  

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